Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone

How are you all doing? It is already the middle of November! Whoo-hoo!
I can't believe that next week is already Thanksgiving!

Well, with the cold weather, the hands are killing me not to mention my knees, and my feet.

The cold weather is a real nightmare for our bones (joints) and just our overall well-being.

I still have not been able to participate in my Zumba class now going on 5weeks because of the ankle sprain. Ugh!

Eventually, it will heal but goodness gracious....can it be any slower of a process?

I've started my Methotrexate shots...and now I have to fill the syringe myself...the medication is not pre-filled as it was in the Enbrel and with the Humira. So I have learned how to pull back the syringe to 60 mg and insert it into the little bottle of medication push the air into the bottle while pulling out medication with no air bubbles into the syringe.

So, do I like this process? I am sure you all know that answer....Heck NO!
I have a bruise on my right side of my stomach, two inches from my belly button for the past three weeks now! Even that takes forever to go away. As usual the shots need to be given on alternating sides and well I guess that I should just be grateful because I am still alive.

I really miss Zumba and can't wait to get back to it.
I miss my friends and the laughs that we have had.

It was my only sense of being free of Rheumatoid Arthritis if only for an hour. No matter how much I hurt afterwards, or how stiff I was the next morning...I loved going to Zumba.

Hopefully, my ankle will heal a little quicker and after some physical therapy I would be given the green light to do Zumba

Well until the next time...continue to pray for me while I continue to pray for you.

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