Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loving the rain!

Good evening!

Can I tell u how much I love the rain!
I remember as a child and as a teenager
Sleeping to most peaceful sleep when it rained!
I loved hearing it on my window and on the roof!
What great memories!
As an adult I loved being able to sit in front
Of the fire and cuddle up with a good book underneath
a thick blanket! It's the best!

Now I love being able to smell the rain, feel it
against my skin, taste it (yeah I know) jumping
in a puddle like a kid ...

Well can I tell you I have the silliest students
ever! Thu truly make me smile! We all wear our
rain boots when it rains now and instead of telling the
kids not to splash in the puddles because they find them
all big or small it doesn't matter they find them! We
Walk through the. And we swoosh through them and we talk
about the sounds that a swoosh makes and we laugh as
as we try to make the sound!

See being able to feel the rain is a blessing!
Being able to run through a puddle is another!

I could have allowed the weather to keep me
down and defeated this morning but I didn't!
I chose to embrace the day! To embrace the smiles!
I chose to get up from my bed and not let the aches and
pains that accompany rheumatoid arthritis keep me
down or defeated! I chose to jump in a puddle!

What a great day to love the rain!

Until next time please continue to pray for me and I will pray for you!
Jump in the puddles! Smile a little!
Enjoy life as it comes! Love the rain!

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