Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tricky Thursday

Good Evening

Today I was given the opportunity of being Principal for the day ...
Oh my goodness!... crazy are the issues of elementary school!
To say the least this is what I had to deal with for today:

1. a student that stated to another student you either leave this country or I will bring a gun to school and kill you! (first grade)

2. another student throwing papers in the classroom at another student! (sixth grade)

3. another student being disrespectful to the teacher and continued to make fun of the teacher in class during class (fifth grade)

4. then there were four other students... girls! that were enrolled in drama issues....she said...she said...she said...she said some more.... (third grade)

5.  then another student was not picked up by her mom until two hours after school was over!!!! Really! And the student hee hee hee told her mom, "hey that lady said this is not a babysitting service here in the office!" ha ha ha ha....(I'm the lady)

6.  A parent came in at the end of the day to state that her son was being picked on by two students (I get to deal with that first thing in the morning)

7.  Younger students being bullied by upper graders in the after school program....that I get to deal with tomorrow afternoon!

8. My class was truly great today! Yeah! love those little guys!....

I get to be principal all over again tomorrow! Woot! Woot!

To God be the Glory!

Can I tell you that God is so good because through it all I get to minister to these children in a way that is acceptable in the Public school system....Thank you God

The RA at least was under control for today...could be because I was so busy keeping up with such a great group of kids...

Well until the next time please continue to pray for me and for all students...and I will continue to pray for you!

God Bless!

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