Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just to Say Hello

Sorry everyone that I haven't blogged in a few days but I have been really busy since some of my students have returned to school this week....Although LAUSD truly doesn't begin until 9/9/09 Burbank went back on 8/17 and some students who are still on the Track system began on 8/18...I've been also working on presentations that I will be giving to our staff during our 3 days of training and they are all day in 2.5 hour increments....
Tuesday 9/1
Using a Team Approach to Develop Effective Solutions: Participants will be presented with a review of the main principles necessary to be an effective member of a team and participants will then be divided into small groups and given actual situations facing our agency. Each small group will be required to reach a consensus provide solutions to these situations.

Wednesday 9/2
Refresher Pro-Act Training
UPDATED: The trusted & respected PART program
Pro-ACT® is a risk management, safety enhancement tool for the organization seeking to establish a zero-restraint environment. Based on principles drawn from evidence-based practice and tested in practice for almost thirty years, Pro-ACT® emphasizes critical thinking and behavioral supports based on assessment. Pro-ACT® offers a basic course

Thursday 9/3
Guidelines and Policies for Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: This session will be divided into two 75 minute sessions. During one 45 minute session, Participants will be presented with an overview of their responsibilities as mandated child abuse reporters. During the other 75 minute session participants will be presented with an overview of sexual harassment in the workplace as well as IECP’s sexual harassment policies and procedures for reporting sexual harassment that has taken place in the workplace.

So as you can see my days have been full. I have not heard any "bad" news from my blood results as of yet so I am believing that all is well.. I was able to begin my medication again today after 3 weeks of not taking any. Today was the first day of taking the methotrexate and I truly feel as if my stomach was being shaken in every direction and I'm just waiting for the eruption to take place called, the "Puke" geiser!

That is one of the worst medications in history....I don't see how cancer patients do it because it's killing me.....ugh....yes its a medication that they treat cancer patients with but OMG! I hate it!
Monday I get to begin taking my Humira again! Yippee....more shots in my stomach! Aren't I the lucky one...

Well until next time, continue to pray for me and I will pray for you....God Bless

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