Friday, August 7, 2009

Well, Well, Well

Dr calls me yesterday to discuss the "protein" in my urine....not begin with so orders some more blood test...Going in on Monday....then calls me back today after consulting with the "blood" doctor to discuss something that is also abnormal in my blood results....and then asks me again if I am coming in on Monday to have the Blood work done because they believe that something is growing too fast in my marrow....HELLO...Freaking me out here! Then asks have I been having issues with my legs swelling? Duh! yes....ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Still Freaking out here then he rattles off some medical terms that I don't understand and yeah so basically going back in on Monday for more lab work, urine work and by the way ...stop taking the HUMIRA....until further notice....hmmmm....anyway....Continue to pray for me while I continue to pray for you and I will try to stop freaking out!...Have a great Friday...

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