Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping Trip and the Crazy Guy

Alrighty...the first night of camping we had to deal with the sprinklers that they forgot to turn off and all of the kids believed that they were in a crazy rain storm! Then the next night, I heard the trash cans moving around and Porsche and Shelby barked a little so I decided to wake up, go to the bathroom @ 0500 and low and behold....the Crazy Guy was looking through the dumpster! Yes, that's right....deep in the dumpster! Looking for recycling....Hello! there were 15 kinds of things to show people were here! and looney man....@ 5 in the morning was looking for recycling stuff! So, I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me as if he saw a ghost....and gave an explanation of he was getting "recycling" and I had to let him know that he was not welcomed there and that he was creepy and he needed to leave! Go figure...all of those men at the camp....(Elders of the Church) and not one of them woke up to assist or heard the crazy guy walking around the camp! GIRL Power....That guy was so scared that he really left I guess he thought that I was going to call the cops or something!...
Camping is so much fun!
I truly enjoyed working with the elementary kids again...You forget how much fun they are and how funny their stories can be.
We did lots of arts and crafts and played a lot of games.
Okay..when you go is so easy to forget how cold it does get at night! I'd wake up with my hands hurting and my hips really sore. My feet and knees are another issue...
To make things even worse...tomorrow is Monday and I have to take that stupid shot in my stomach again....Gosh those shots really burn and I can't stand taking them....
Anyway....until next time, I will pray for you and please pray for me!

Church was Great today! God is truly good and what a great pastor we have!
Trivia Question: Who were the three John's in the bible and what were their roles?
Who was present @ the cross when Jesus was crucified? What did Jesus say to them?

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