Monday, July 27, 2009

Way too much homework!

Today, I have completely spent the day working on my computer! That's right! Homework! I am completing my Level II, Clear Credential for my Administrative Credential concurrently while completing my Literature review class this summer! Yes I know....Crazy....while also working this summer and making a wedding cake that is due this Friday! I have typed and typed and typed and when I thought that I could not type any longer....I typed some more! And if that wasn't enough I had to upload 3 out of the six standards that I am working on for the credential as well as all the evidence that I have met the standard! Good thing is that I have completed 1-5 and only have one more due before the deadline! Yeah! But I am also working on my paper that needs to have a minimum of 60 references! That's right! lots of reading and writing and organizing and putting together and more typing and more typing....Oh by the way more typing and more typing! and more reading and more reading. My hands are completely shot at the moment! My eyeballs are killing me and I still have to take that STUPID Shot! Ugh!
And no I have not weighed myself because we all know that that is a hopeless cause!

Okay...Continue to pray for me while I continue to pray for you! God Bless....

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