Saturday, July 18, 2009

No Pain, No Gain!

So exercised like a crazy person this week! Ate lots of salad with chicken and didn't lost a pound! Are you kidding me? Seriously! Worked my buns off, rode the bike, ate like a bird and not one pound! I made sure that I stayed within 1500 calories, didn't cheat AND NOT 1 POUND! Frustration is not even a word I'm thinking about! This medication that I am on is not my friend! I'm sick of taking the meds! I sick of people saying you look fine! You look good! Whatever! I'm 35 pounds over than what I like to be! The doctors don't really listen when you tell them that you upset about the weight gain! They don't friggin care! Well, hello! I care! I want the weight to come off! Any ideas! The aches are stil there! The joints still hurt and oh to top it off the WEIGHT is still there! UGH! Can Somebody, anybodyfigure out something that will make the rheumatoid pains disappear and the weight come off! Okay now that I've vented will update more later!

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