Monday, January 23, 2012


Thank you God! Thank you all for all of your prayers! What a great meeting today! God is so good! Amen! All the time! Outcome of meeting: 1) new committee member assigned 2) person assigned has been assigned because of their experience with biblical matters. (others not sure what to do with papers that have scriptures throughout) thank you Lord! 3) we are in track for graduation Other info: 1) friends and family calling with their flight schedules 2) so excited 3) mom and auntie always praying 4) grandmother is excited and can't wait to come 5) haven't had time to feel the issues with RA because it's been a great day even with the rainy day! 6) love my students! They are truly the most interesting bunch! God bless you all...until next time please continue to pray for me and I will continue to pray for you! Amen!

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