Saturday, January 14, 2012

Productive Weekend

Good Evening

This has been a good couple of days...
My students yesterday were pretty funny and had a great day!
They laughed and learned and told me to have a great weekend!
All was good! The crazy bus driver and crazy teacher from the day before were
in a different type of mood since it was a Friday and the bus driver even apologized to me...Whoo hoo!

Today, I met my buddy Judy at the library and we worked all day!
I added about 6 pages to one of my chapters and anyone who has written a dissertation understands that six pages is quite an accomplishment!

I am now currently working on a clear definition of a "Christian School"
Yeah! now that is a feat in itself! That is my next goal!

My arthritis also has a mind of its own...I still have difficulty each and every morning getting my day started due to stiffness. But I am still able to get up and get going...It takes me about 45 minutes as part of my routine.  My evening routine, takes about 30 minutes in order for me to get ready to loosen up prior to going to bed at night...

My joints have been inflamed and swollen. My feet are also swelling as well...I did notice some weird bruising that appeared and it usually comes and goes without having bumped into anything...

Anyway...I thank you all for reading my blog... and understanding that it does not always deal with my RA but at times my blog is about making it through each day with prayer and my belief in Jesus Christ.

Until the next time, keep me in prayer and I will continue to pray for you!

God Bless you all...

PS. Thank you Babe for that GREAT chicken salad!

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